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Meet Jo

Remote work consultant, communication expert, workplace metaverse advisor

Jo connects, inspires and elevates distributed teams, so they can do meaningful work that changes lives for the better.


Jo believes that tech-enabled, human-centred communication is the key to building high-performing remote team cultures. She combines wellness, employee engagement, and executive communication initiatives, with deep knowledge of Africa's unique challenges and opportunities.

Africa is haemorrhaging its best talent

There are hundreds of thousands of highly qualified, unemployed people across the African continent. Many of these professionals feel discouraged and have lost hope of finding a job that suits their skills or in the area they reside. This leads to two outcomes:

  • Brain drain: Those with the means emigrate in order to find a well paid job that matches their skills and ambitions. 

  • Brain waste: Many others settle for jobs that are misaligned with their qualifications (contributing to brain waste), leading to disillusionment and reduced purchasing power.

Accessible Home Office

Adopting a remote-first mindset offers significant benefits

African businesses can:

  • Access a broader talent pool and hire the best people regardless of where they’re based

  • Lower their overheads

  • Increase diversity and inclusion

  • Boost the overall productivity of their teams

African professionals can:

  • Gain access to well-paid, flexible jobs

  • Live more balanced, fulfilling lives

  • Spend less time in traffic, more time with their loved ones

  • Spend less time clocking in and in out, more time doing work that matters

African economies can:

  • Improve their stability

  • Increase the number of tax payers

  • Decrease unemployment

  • Increase per-capita income and individual purchasing power

  • Decrease brain drain and brain waste

  • Increase brain gain

But remote working has its challenges

Without a clear remote work strategy, isolation and disengagement can set in. Speak to Jo to about:


  • Wellbeing. Develop a flexible working culture with wellbeing at its centre.

  • Connection. It’s not all about video calls. Define your distributed tool stack. Explore the metaverse and workplace virtual environments for more meaningful remote connections.

  • Engagement. Learn how to lead and motivate your teams without ever needing to be in the same room as them.


Jo has advised:


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